Learn more about the drastic changes that Byram offered as an ultimatum to BARKS. The offered contracts would have required BARKS to assume all Shelter expenses including repairing, REBUILDING  and REPLACING the interior of the shelter, all electrical, plumbing, furnace, water heater, air conditioning, heating and cooling ducts as “needed” in a 50 year old building under a 3 year lease with a 90 day cancelation without cause and placed undue liability on BARKS. BARKS already supplies all food, litter, caging , bedding, cleaning supplies, veterinary care, supervising veterinarian, volunteers and more. Despite this, and the severe impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on BARKS fundraising, we offered $9,000 (approximately 1/2 of the costs budgeted for the shelter) in rent to the town in an attempt to continue to serve Byram Residents and find a mutually acceptable middle ground.  The towns expenses have always been the  the shelter overhead and do not change based on the number of animals in the shelter.