Help us make the BARKS Garage Sale even better!

We need tents and tables!

The BARKS Semi-annual Garage Sale is an amazing event - we receive mountains of donated items which are then organized and spread over acres of space at Wild West City (just down the street from the Byram Animal Shelter). If you've been there, you know how awesome it is. It's a ton of work that requires an army of tireless, devoted volunteers. The Garage Sale is our biggest and most important fundraiser.

We do have some tents... but we really need more of them. Additional tents will help protect sale items and make for a more pleasant shopping experience. Here is an example of the kind of tent we need - 10x20' enclosed canopy. They run from $220 to $450 (we wait for them to go on sale!)

If you have one you're not using, please consider donating it. Or maybe you'd like to buy us one? Here are some online vendors. Please consider making a donation to our Tent and Table fund - every dollar gets us a little closer to a new tent and a better, more productive BARKS Garage Sale.

We also need more folding tables - right now we often use old doors propped up on sawhorses - these aren't sturdy enough, they get splintery and moldy, and they are a lot of trouble to store.

Here is an example of the kind we need - 6' long and collapsible, can be either rigid or can fold in the center.

Again we welcome your donated tables, purchases... and monetary donations towards new ones.

The donation icon below lets you make a secure donation via Paypal. Your donation will be earmarked for the GARAGE SALE Tent and Table Fund. Or you can send a check to BARKS, PO Box 593, Stanhope NJ 07874 and write tent/table in the memo. Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Garage Sale Coordinator Extraordinaire, Lois Verbeek,, or (201) 317-4040.

T H A N K      Y O U !!!!

Thank you! Your tax-deductible donations help keep BARKS going! Please put 'tents' in the memo.