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Happy Tails!

Thank you to Chris Hemmings and Scott Holds for a much celebrated Happy Tail - It's Tigger!

I wanted to share my story of finding the most loving pitbull...Tigger. I had to put down my 14 year old German Shorthair Pointer/Pit mix right after Thanksgiving. Gatsby had been starting to decline over the summer and losing him was devastating. Three months later I went to my job at Fredon Elementary School where I am a custodian. In the Teachers' Room I found a brochure from BARKS with a picture of an adorable brindle Pitbull named Tigger. It said he had been left tied to a fire hydrant in January and needed a lot of patience and tender loving care. I filled out an application online and the next day spoke with Diane for almost an hour about Tigger. It broke my heart to hear he had been with them for over a year and I could not wait to meet him. We decided to have me come meet him and hopefully I could start coming to the shelter to start walking with him and trying to develop a bond with him. Our first meeting was basically standing with Tigger, he was afraid of me and lunged at me when I tried to pet him.

With much loyal work with the volunteers we managed to arrange weekly visits where I was soon able to walk with him, then walk him by myself. We also started to have weekend visits to my house so my partner and our Great Dane Garbo could meet him as well. One day at around three and a half weeks into our visits I was on a solo walk with Tigger and sat down to take a break. The next thing I knew he was in my lap licking my face and allowing me to finally pet him, something we had not yet done. From that instant I knew he would be coming home with me in the very near future. With a few more house visits I picked him up on a Saturday for a three day trial run to see how he would fit into our lifestyle. I called Diane on Sunday and said I would have to keep him, things were going so great I couldn't bring myself to bring him back.

I can not thank everyone involved with BARKS enough...the loyalty, love, dedication and commitment to doing the right thing for the animals in their care is outstanding. I truly feel if Tigger had been in another shelter he either would have been put down or left to sit in a kennel and develop even more fear related issues. With a great team on his side Tigger was able to show his true colors and has been given the life he should have had from the start.

During my Easter break from work, my partner Scott and I took Garbo and Tigger to the Jersey Shore five days. Tigger saw the ocean for the first time and was very spooked by the waves but was soon leaping into the surf and snapping at the foamy crests and hunting seagulls. But the most heartwarming part was the fact that we had seven different female guests visit during our stay and Tigger bonded with everyone of them! We started slow with separate meetings where they each gave him a cookie then we walked and when we came back to the house they ignored him till he came to them. Each person was greeted with face licks and he soon ended up in their laps as comfortable with them as he is with Scott and I.

I hope anyone reading this will continue to support BARKS and all the fantastic work they do!!!