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Happy Tails!

Thank you to the Cherney Family for this beautiful Happy Tail about their kitten, Tenzi!

After losing our beloved BARKS cat Smokey to cancer, we adopted a wonderful new little BARKS kitten in early January of 2012.

His name is Tenzing (nickname Tenzi). He was named after the Nepalese climber Tenzing Norgay, the first human to set foot on the summit of Mt. Everest (just before Sir Edmund Hillary.)

Before we adopted Tenzi, he had been called "Jagger" (after Mick, of the Rolling Stones) by his loving foster family. Under either name, he is the most amazing climber and explorer, but also a sweet lover (see the heart shaped black patch on his nose?)

Not only did he immediately become friends with the human members of our family, but he won the heart of our other (adult male) cat, Ambrose. We adopted Ambrose from BARKS as a little kitten, too. Tenzi and Ambrose are now inseparable and you can see Ambrose (named after his amber color) in many of the photos with Tenzi. They play together all day long, and when they get tired they curl up together to sleep.

If Tenzi is awake and Ambrose is sleeping (being a middle aged cat), Tenzi will utter a bewildered-sounding meow as if to say "where are you?" We’ll then call to him, "we’re right here, Tenzi!" and he will follow the sound of our voice and come running to us. If we need to get work done we set Tenzi up looking out the window at the bird feeder or playing with his toy mice or a paper or plastic bag. If we are at the computer he sits and watches the cursor and the letters, and he especially loves it when the “soap bubbles” come up on the screen saver. And we are finding ways to work and hold Tenzi at the same time. He loves to be cuddled, so we can do the dusting while holding him, purring loudly in the other arm.

Tenzi and his siblings were found with their mother in an abandoned house. BARKS staff and volunteers took wonderful care of them, providing them with veterinary care and a warm loving foster home until they could be adopted. BARKS is such a wonderful organization and we will always go back to them when we have room in our home for a new furry friend.

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