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Happy Tails!

Here we have the story of Snickers! Thank you Courtney for this update on Snickers the kitty, and thank you Maryanne Daly and BARKS Cat Team Volunteers for sharing your memories and helping Snickers on his journey to a very Happy Tail!

Snickers' adoptive mom, Courtney, says: Snickers is GREAT! Everyday he comes around a little more, he's the sweetest little guy. He hid at first but now he comes out more often and is a snuggler! He’s like a baby he LOVES to be wrapped in a blanket on the couch, my boyfriend babies him bigtime! Thank you so much!

Snickers' rescuer, Maryanne, says: My neighbors foreclosed on their home and left unspayed outside cats. One was a female that gave birth to six kittens in my garage. I called my local shelter but he could not take them so I cared for the them and when I was able to I moved them to my room in the basement. Snickers was very special because he was so very shy and would not let you pick him up and I use to give him cheese as a snack all the time and was able to get him in my carrier that way. I called over 29 shelters asking if they can take my kitties and BARKS was the only shelter that even emailed me back. So Snickers along with Jasmine, Crystal, Tory, and baby Hope went to the shelter and I kept mom and one male. Hope was very very tiny and mom did not stay near her much so we took her in first and fed her special milk and also had two infected eyes which we were treating and after two weeks she had such an improvement..she was our very special kitty because we did'nt think she would make it. They all hold a special place in my heart and I thank BARKS so very much for finding them furever homes!!!

BARKS Cat Team Volunteer, Grace, says: While socializing with the kitties over the last few months on a daily basis, Snickers really came out of his shell. In the beginning, he was very timid, but as time rolled on, he blossomed into an extremely loveable kitty. Cuddling up in the chair beside me to be petted. He didn’t like when play time was over and he had to go back into his cage. Sometimes it took awhile to get him back in the carrier. As soon as I walked into the room, he was ready to get into his carrier to go play in the office. He also loved his treats. He was extremely vocal in that regard. He was extremely playful. In the beginning he would pull on the purple fur toy and it would snap back. He would go after it again. At the end, he loved the little red fish and that is why I gave it to the new owner. I really loved Snickers, as I do with all the babes. But he was really special. I miss him but I am so glad someone loving and caring gave him a home. God Bless you Snickers.

BARKS Cat Team Volunteer, Jamie, says: When Snickers and his brother and sister first came he would do somersaults and back flips just to avoid you, then he started to slowly come around, and like you said he became a real snuggler! He was so sweet, and I'm glad he has a home, I will miss how when my mother and I would go to feed Snickers in the morning he would be so excited to eat that he would leap from his cage straight into the carrier! I thought that was a pretty good trick! Good luck Snickers!!

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