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Happy Tails!

Thank you to Erika & Josh Magdule for this heartwarming Happy Tail about their two BARKS kitties, Merlin and Morgane!

In October of 2004, my husband and I adopted a beautiful silver tabby who had been nicknamed Blazer for the truck he'd been found in. A year later, we adopted an orange/brown tabby girl who earned her nickname Cheetah from zooming around the rescue home. Both cats are wonderful and healthy, and doing fine. We've named them Merlin and Morgane and they make us laugh every day.

Merlin is a cuddle monster, who likes to sleep curled up as close to you or on you - he loves curling up in armpits or against backs and knees!

Morgane was the runt of her little, and her "learning curve" was noticibly longer. It took her 5 years to learn to meow, and she'll still run away when you first reach down to pet her (after she meows at you TO pet her!), but she's sitting next to me as I write this, and purring loud enough to hear her from outside the room! What she lacks in brains she makes up for in heart :D

Thank you again for giving us the ability to "rescue" these two furballs - truth is they rescue us every day, and keep us sane!

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