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Happy Tails!

A big thank you to Jean Mombert for this touching story on the anniversary of her Lucy's rescue and adoption!

It has been almost 9 years since we adopted Lucy (formerly Candy) on a freezing cold night in January. She was rescued by BARKS on Thanksgiving weekend, one of nineteen black labs that were tied outside up by Stokes State Forest. Lucy was one of the oldest dogs with the vet estimating her age between 7 and 8 years old and she had had dozens of puppies.

Lucy has been the best dog that any family could wish for. She was very shy at first, but once she settled in she loved us, the cats, any animal who came to visit and most recently my one year old great niece. We have spoiled her rotten - we felt she deserved it after the life she led. Gradually over the years she lost her fear of baseball hats and the sound of soda cans being opened. She slept on our bed for years until she got too old to safely get up the stairs and now she owns the couch in our family room.

For years I worked in Washington and she came with me every week. She loved riding in the car and spent many a day with me at my office at the Smithsonian.

Lucy is 16 now and in remarkable good shape for a dog that old. Since it is coming up on the anniversary of her rescue, I wanted to tell her story to remind everyone that rescue animals are very special. However much you give them you get so much more back.

Jean Mombert


Thank YOU, Jean, and happy anniversary!