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Happy Tails!

A big thank you to Marcella and David Woofter for this great update on Lightning (formerly BJ)!

Lightning now... and then!

This is my and my husband's lovely new addition to our family!! His name was formerly BJ which stood for "Big Bad John" as he loves to play and pounce on all his toys, especially his catnip-filled mice. Before we got BJ, I begged my husband for a kitten as we were soon to be married and then to move out of state away from my family and closer to his in Ohio, and I wanted a little piece of my childhood to come with me. Growing up, my family and I loved cats and always had one one way or another, especially farm cats as we lived out in the country where there was farmland as far as the eye could see. So finally after many visits to shelters and countless hours we finally found this little cutie batootie who I couldn't love more.

I adopted this cat not only just for my love of felines or to give him a warm happy home, but mostly because he reminds me of my parents' cat Sylvester who looks just like BJ. I guess you could also say I have a love for Tuxedo cats too, well you're right! Growing up with my parents' cat Sylvester... he was very much the same as BJ - very playful and very well behaved. He was a very compassionate cat who always loved being around people no matter where they go and that's what I liked most, he was always with me like he was my best friend. And so with that being said I just had to have BJ as my best friend and feline companion for when we moved and to help give him a home and make him one happy kitty!! I'm happy to report he's the best cat any girl could ask for and I love him very much. He loves to bird-watch through our windows daily and enjoys our company dearly. He loves getting wild with his toys and enjoys to frolic all around the house too.

Without BARKS none of this would have been possible so a big Thanks to You All, not only do you have some great animals but you also have an excellent program going here, keep up the good work!!