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Happy Tails!

A big thank you to Carey Ann Van Hollen and family for these updates on Lewis!

This cat has seen rough times. He arrived at BARKS with a hideously mangled leg and a mouthful of broken teeth. It's suspected that he was caught in a leg snare and tried to chew his way out. If that isn't bad enough, he also tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), which makes him a 'special needs' kitty. Against the odds, this friendly fellow found his forever family! Carey Ann Van Hollen fell in love with Lewis’ “handsome face” on Petfinder this past Fall and travelled all the way from Brooklyn to Newton to adopt him. Now, life is looking up for Lewis!

Check-in after the first week with Lewis:

The first few days with Lewis were a bit rough. He initially hid under our bed for the first two days & would come out with some gentle coaxing.

He's much more timid than we were expecting, he is scared by a lot of everyday activities (ie: blow dryer, vacuum cleaner, just moving too fast around him in general) We both ended up being scratched by him the first day he was here when trying to pet him (he seems very particular over how you approach long & where you pet him), his body language is a bit puzzling at times (purring/almost tempting you to pet him but when we do he swipes at us).

We're hoping that he'll eventually become more acclimated to us & our lives, it's still a learning game right now.

He's quite talkative (which we like) & really enjoys his daily treat of tuna. :)

Check-in after 4 months with Lewis:

I've worked in shelters with cats of many different temperaments, but I've never had a cat as 'spunky' as Lewis actually live with me. In the past few months though he has learned to trust us MUCH more. There are certain things that he'll probably never be comfortable with (shoes, being pet in certain ways or too long, the vacuum cleaner, plastic bags...etc) but it's totally understandable..I think he had a pretty tough life before he was rescued.

I've learned a lot from him...he has a lot of anxieties (as some of us do), and that's okay. Some days are better than others, and that's okay too. He's even started to lay (all 16 lbs of himself) on our laps (AMAZING!). However, he can get a bit cranky at times when we ask him to get off of laps though. Still working on that... We've recently moved to Connecticut (we boarded him at the vet overnight so he didn't have to be around with strange men in clunky boots, they would have totally freaked him out). He has adjusted very nicely to our new place. He even has his own giant cat tree now (that he chooses to ignore in favor of the sofa...ah well).

Rarely does a day go by where he doesn't make us smile or laugh in some way.