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Happy Tails!

A big thank you to the Zeolla family - Nick, Carson, James and Cade - for this lovely story of Jingles!

After losing our 16 year old cat Button recently and our 15 year old cat Buddy a couple years before that our family was without a pet. My two boys ages 10 and 6 really missed our cats and they begged me to get another cat so I decided to look into adopting a cat that needed a home. After an internet search, I came across the BARKS website and found that they had several wonderful cats that needed a home. My boys looked at the pictures and could not wait to go pick out a new cat. I made an inquiry and was told that they had an adoption day coming up the next day so we grabbed our cat carrier and off we went. I told my husband that we would not be coming home without a cat so we were prepared. We were one of the first ones there and we spent some time looking at all the cats before deciding to pick one. It was a tough choice but Jingles won our hearts with his friendly, laid back demeanor and his handsome good looks!! He did not mind being handled by two boys who wanted to shower him with affection so we knew he would be a good fit for us. We took him home and he adapted to his new environment right away. He enjoys getting lots of love and attention from all of us and he is not afraid of meeting new people. He is sweet, gentle and he allows everyone to hold him and pet him. He also greets us with a cute meow when we come home and he has found some favorite spots to sit such as our bathroom sink!! We are thrilled to have found such a wonderful cat and we hope to have him for a long, long time. We also applaud BARKS for being such a wonderful organization that truly cares for animals and works hard to find them homes. Thank you BARKS!!