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Happy Tails!

Thank you to Judy Pflugfelder-Smith and Family for this lovely story of Fiver!

Hello BARKS! My family adopted Scrappy (now Fiver) the first Saturday of January 2014. He is a wonderful dog!

Nearly a year ago I had to deal with the heart wrenching decline of my beloved “soul dog” Hershey. He was three weeks shy of sixteen years old when he passed. My mind reasoned that this was a remarkable amount of time to have cherished this special Labrador Retriever, but my heart disagreed. I was shattered like I’ve never been before. After several months of struggling, I thought the best thing I could do to honor Hershey was to open my heart and home to another dog. I looked online but nothing really “struck” me. Then one day in January 2014, Patty from BARKS brought “Scrappy” (now Fiver) into Fredon Animal Hospital where I am happily employed. My co-workers immediately called me to the waiting area to meet him. Instantly after seeing his dopey brown eyes and “Eeyore” -like demeanor I knew HE was the one. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and fit in perfectly with his two dog sisters Mattingly (a Golden Retriever) and Pearl (a black Labrador Retriever). We love him dearly. Thank you.

Thank you Judy and Family for giving Fiver such a loving home!