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Happy Tails!

Thank you to Christopher Venezia this great update on Dylan!

<----Dylan in the washbasket!

What can I say? He's Dylan. He is great!

We actually went to BARKS to see Ethan who looks just like a dog that we had just lost. It was spooky. Ethan was smaller though. Then we saw Dylan. The gentle pit. From the moment he stayed with us that first night he wagged his tail and followed us around looking very happy. He was our first pit, and his history was a concern. But we saw him as a challenge and he was. But it was fun. He is a great, great dog.

He is always happy to see us when we get home. He is very attached to my wife Marie but is still willing to share her with everyone else. He listens very well and can be walked off-leash. He loves when I sit on the floor and hold his bone while he chews it. He'll do that for hours.

He does get cold as he has no fat or fur (he's a pit) so we got him a jacket and a heated bed to keep him warm. He loves to snuggle on the couch when my wife is reading. He keeps her feet warm. He thinks he's a lap dog! He loves to lay on you and have you scratch/rub him anywhere.

He LOVES going in the woods and smelling, as well as riding in the car. He has gotten very vocal this past year when he needs to go out, but mostly when wants some lovin' and he is very happy. He makes some pretty funny noises especially when he yawns. Most of the time .... it's like he just wants to crawl up inside you to get as close to you as possible because that's how much he loves us, and how much we love him.

He is very different now in many ways. But he's still Dylan.