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Happy Tails!

Sincere thanks to the Seidl family for a double Happy Tail for 2 "special needs" FeLV kitties, Dexter and Samantha.

[Dexter and Samantha have feline leukemia virus (FeLV). FeLV kitties have depressed immune systems and health problems, and can potentially infect healthy cats. It’s difficult to find a home for even one FeLV cat. Yet this past winter, Dexter and Samantha were adopted together by a wonderful family who actually makes a habit of adopting FeLV kitties. The Seidls have kept their hearts open, being patient not only with illnesses and medications, but with kitty personality problems as well. Dexter and Samantha may not realize how lucky they are, but we do, and our hats are off to the Seidl family.]

Dexter has his own room with a queen sized bed, cat perch, cat bed and bathroom. He gets plenty of attention. Sammie is occasionally allowed in to visit but she doesn't seem to like him. Surprisingly, he doesn't do anything to her and she is the aggressor.

Dexter was initially angry with us for no reason - I think there may have been a trust issue. He is a very strong and aggressive cat - but when he wants to be (most of the time) - he is extremely lovable and loves to snuggle. He likes to lie on us and keep us warm :). He has been great thus far with our two year old son. As I told BARKS, I am absolutely in love with him. I lost my absolute favorite FeLV cat about 1.5 years ago and, while he is irreplaceable, Dexter has the "in your face"/constant companion personality that I really like and missed.

Sammie also had a rough start with us. She wasn't eating well in the first month. The vet took care of her teeth - she adjusted well and now has a voracious appetite. She is as sweet as can be and gets along well with our original resident cat, Hannsie. I think Samantha is Jason's favorite.