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Happy Tails!

Thank you Pattie Witte for this story of love, persistence and reward!

I met Buddy, the naughty Beagle mix, while volunteering at BARKS as a dog walker. I loved all of the dogs housed at the shelter, but Buddy seemed the most pathetic. He was desperate for attention extending his paw each time I passed his run. I had lost my beloved angel of thirteen years, eleven months prior to meeting Buddy. I always carried my memories of Sydney in my heart and I knew he would want me to help Buddy.

After adopting Buddy, I felt as if I had made a huge mistake. This dog demonstrated fear aggression as he lunged and barked at everyone on our daily walks. Buddy is very strong and he had pulled me down on many occasions. I know that dogs are not disposable so I would never give up on him. Buddy was my responsibility and I was determined to help him become a balanced dog. He deserved a good chance. I called a trainer and we began our work with Buddy shortly after he entered our home. After many months and two trainers Buddy finally started coming around. He was highly trainable and food motivated so the training was just a matter of consistency and homework for my husband and myself. Our hard work and dedication paid off as my Buddy was featured in the NJ Herald walking nicely with his weighted backpack which was part of his training.

I took Buddy to the dog park on a daily basis for him to play and exert some of his high energy. At the dog park I noticed the gift that Buddy has to offer. He was the best at reading and understanding other dogs and their body language. Buddy demonstrated all of the correct posturing when dealing with all types of dogs and their behaviors whether they were good or bad. I observed him and followed his lead when dealing with other dogs. He always let me know what to expect from a dog just by observing his behavior and body language. Since we have had Buddy in our home he has mentored many dogs including two baby Golden retrievers, Ethan, and now our newest foster Moose. When Buddy’s trainer/behaviorist saw him after a year’s time she was amazed at the progress he had made. He is truly our Dog Whisperer and we are so proud of all the progress he has made. It is rewarding to see a dog make such a complete turnaround.

I love Buddy and I know he has a guardian angel on the Rainbow Bridge, Sydney, as his guide. Thank you my Buddy for making my life complete again. Our journey together has been a learning experience for the both of us. I am glad we rescued each other!!