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If you would like our web visitors to know that you support BARKS' mission, become a Business Friend of BARKS.

For a donation of $15 a month, you can help the animals of BARKS and display your business card (or representative image) here on the BARKS BFOB page with a link back to your business' web page or mapped location. Ads will also be randomly featured, one at a time, on the BARKS homepage.

The BARKS website receives approximately 200 visitors each day resulting in ~2000 daily mouseclicks.

If you care about animals, let it show. BARKS supporters want to do business with Friends of BARKS!

Special Designation: If you are an active BARKS volunteer or if your business donates goods/services to BARKS - your ad will be posted with an **Extra Special BFOB** designation so that visitors know that you really go all out for BARKS! Be sure to indicate your status in the application below.

How to apply:

  1. Please fill out the info below.
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  3. Make your donation via Paypal (payment by check is also available, details follow).
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